Tuesday, November 22, 2011

KTLA Thanksgiving Marathon 2011

Turkey Day is upon us, and you all know what that means: KTLA (Channel 5, Los Angeles) is doing their annual Twilight Zone Thanksgiving Day Marathon. Starting Thursday morning, they’ll be airing the following episodes:

9:00 "Number Twelve Looks Just Like You"
9:30 "People Are Alike All Over"
10:00 "The Trade-ins"
10:30 "Stopover in a Quiet Town"
11:00 "On Thursday We Leave for Home"
12:00 "The Lonely" (a top 20 favorite)
12:30 "The Invaders"
1:00 "The Odyssey of Flight 33"
1:30 "And When the Sky Was Opened" (a top 10 favorite)
2:00 "Valley of the Shadow"
3:00 "The Fugitive"
3:30 "Third From the Sun" (a top 10 favorite)
4:00 "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street"
4:30 "The Long Morrow"
5:00 "To Serve Man" (a top 10 favorite)
5:30 "The Eye of the Beholder” (a top 20 favorite)

KTLA is airing 16 episodes this year: 14 half-hour episodes and 2 hour-long episodes (last year’s schedule consisted of all half-hours). 5 of those 16 are top 20 favorites of mine, and 3 of ‘em are also in my top 10. Last year’s stats were a bit better, but this year’s lineup is no slouch. Happily, there are no turkeys in the bunch! No Dingle, no Bevis, no Harvey Hunnicut, no Oliver Crangle… sublime.

I don’t live in Los Angeles, so I don’t get KTLA, and even if I did, I wouldn’t be watching the marathon (commercials? Syndication cuts? Bah!). However, I still support such endeavors because, well, how else will The Twilight Zone find new fans? That newfangled internet thingamajig? Ha!

It would be nice if we could get some cross-promotion thing going with Bif Bang Pow! I for one would love to see some commercials for their action figures and bobbleheads…. Oh, and speaking of which… well, stay tuned. Got a bit of an announcement coming up…


Joel Benedict Henderson said...

They still haven't added Me-Tv in Portland, Craig?

Craig Beam said...

Is Me-TV affiliated with KTLA? I really have no idea. Until cable or satellite offers commercial free high-definition uncut TZ, I have no reason to ever watch it over the air. The blu-rays (and the MKV backups I made) are beyond sufficient.

Joel Benedict Henderson said...

They aren't affiliated with KTLA as far as I'm aware. However Me-Tv does show TZ straight from the Defintive Edition masters (largely uncut to boot albeit without the "And Now Mr. Serling" promos)making them easily superior to what Syfy runs occasionally.