Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Big 4-1.

Yesterday I turned 41. And in keeping with a new tradition (new as of last year), my lovely wife Teresa made me a Twilight Zone-themed cake. You can see last year's cake here. As cool as it was, it can't touch the amazing cake she made this year.

The whole thing is edible. The various graphics are printed in edible ink on edible fondant. The cake is devils food (my favorite) with a cream cheese chocolate frosting.

And yes, that's ME on the cake, in my "Eye of the Beholder" Halloween costume (spotlighted here).

Check out the authentic season 3 spiral on top!

Finally... a human eats a Kanamit for a change!

My jaw literally dropped when I saw this thing. She's really set the bar pretty high. I can only imagine what next year will hold....

Thanks, baby. I love you!

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Teresa said...

I love you too sweetheart! I'm glad you are happy with it. Now, to start planning for next year.....