Monday, September 6, 2010

Early Reviews for Season 1 on Blu-ray Are In!

Check these out:

Blu-news review

High Def Disc News review

Sounds like the blu-rays are everything I hoped for, and more... well, except for an isolated music track for Leith Stevens' score for "Time Enough at Last." Small complaint. Check out those screen captures! The naysayers over at The Twilight Zone Cafe (you know who you are) have clearly been proven wrong. Looks like a slim 5-disc case (like A&E's recent blu-ray release of The Prisoner: The Complete Series) in a foil-reflective slipcover.

Pre-orders are being taken at for $69.99. My order has been placed, and should arrive on the release date (9/14/10.... next week!).

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