Thursday, August 19, 2010

TZ Repeat: "The Last Flight" (8/19/1960)

The summer reruns continue with "The Last Flight," a solid episode, mostly notable in Twilight Zone history as the first Richard Matheson teleplay produced. It was first aired on February 2, 1960, and repeated 50 years ago tonight. Here's my original writeup on the episode.

Um... not much to say. It's quite good, but not among my favorites. Season 1 is like that, though... most of 'em lie between excellent and outright brilliant, so a perfectly competent and clever episode might seem somehow lacking in comparison. That's how "The Last Flight" is for me. If another series had produced it, it probably would've seemed more impressive. But c'mon, when you're up against episodes like "Perchance to Dream," "And When the Sky was Opened," "The Hitch-hiker," "The After-hours"....

No disrespect to Mr. Matheson (who is still with us). It's really a very good script, well-executed, well-acted, well-shot, etc.

Okay, enough. I think I've made my point.

Next week: They're your neighbors. Your friends. Your kids play together. You barbecue together on summer afternoons. But when strange things start happening around the neighborhood... well, you might want to watch your back.

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