Thursday, July 8, 2010

TZ Repeat: "Time Enough at Last" (7/08/1960)

50 years ago tonight, "Time Enough at Last," written by Rod Serling and starring Burgess Meredith, had its encore broadcast, the first of 11 repeats sandwiched between The Twilight Zone's first and second seasons (it premiered on 11/20/1959, the 8th episode aired). I've already written quite a bit about this particular episode (see here and here), so I don't have much to say. I don't like it much, despite its iconic status. As always, your mileage may vary.

Next week: Well, nothing. No episode was shown on 7/15/60 due to CBS's coverage of the Democatic National Convention, from which John F. Kennedy emerged as the party's Presidential nominee. Even a hardcore Zone fan like me can't deny the fact that this piece o' history trumps a Twilight Zone rerun. Here's a shot of the festivities (thanks, Wikipedia!):

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