Friday, March 13, 2009

A Plan Forms...

It’s seventeen months later, and I still haven’t watched my Definitive Edition DVDs beyond a few isolated episodes. But hear me out, torch-bearers! I have a good reason. Friday, October 2 of this year (2009) will be the precise 50th anniversary of the premiere of the series. My plan is this: I will watch one episode per week, matching the original airdates, for five years. Thanks to the invaluable Complete Twilight Zone Network Broadcast History (thoughtfully compiled by "Dan Hollis" over at The Twilight Zone Cafe), I can mirror the schedule exactly, repeats and all.

Obsessive compulsive? Absolutely. My good friend Bill Huelbig did it a few years back with The Outer Limits (for that series’ 40th anniversary), so why not me? To the cynical, this may sound like a spectacular excuse to procrastinate my way around an earlier commitment, but I disagree. Saving the series in order to more dramatically celebrate its golden anniversary…. well, it just feels right.

The Network Broadcast History mentioned above can be found here.

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